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Picking the Right Type of Sign for Your Business

First Impressions Count

As Will Rogers was fond of saying, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” That goes for your business sign as well. What type of sign you display in front of your business or along major highways should make a great first impression on those who view it.

Those looking for the products or services you provide should be attracted to your business sign. It should catch their eye and leave a lasting impression on their mind. The type of sign you use in various instances can be as important as the message itself.

Your sign must balance eye appeal and intended feeling projection to make your brand, logo and enterprise memorable. Too much emphasis in one area could make the others forgettable. One thing is for sure, you do not want prospective clients to forget who you are.

Your Community Might Assist You in Picking the Right Type of Sign

A big, bright neon sign in a mixed commercial/residential area might make you memorable for all the wrong reasons. You must consider the “feel” of your community. In a neighborhood grounded in heritage and tradition, where many business fronts are lowkey, a vintage wooden sign with soft lighting pointed at it may be more appropriate. Another choice might be channel letters with a soft LED backlighting system. This type of sign will not detract from your message, brand or enterprise name.

In a modern neighborhood, you may want to use a sign framed in chrome to project a cleaner, sleeker look. Keep the message short and memorable. Signs that are too cluttered leave the reader confused, and they likely won’t remember what’s important: your business brand, telephone number and address.

Color Schemes

Regardless of the type of sign, the color scheme you use should project your intended mood. Bright, cheerful colors, such as yellow, pink or blue each project a different feeling or attitude. Yellowmanifests happiness, pink represents love and romance, while blue projects trustworthinessand patriotism. That’s why most politicians wear blue.

Take your time creating your sign.Choose a signaturestyle that potential clients will remember and associate with you. A faded, unkempt sign projects poorly on your business. It’s imperative to invest wisely and professionally in the type of sign that will project the message you want them to remember.

Choose Lone Star Signs to Create Your First Impression

Whichever type of sign you choose, let Lone Star Signs help you create the signs and banners you desire for that first and lasting impression. Your business sign is an investment that could keep making you money for years to come. Send us an email at, or call 281-781-6052. Alternatively, use our contact form or drop by 19144 West Little York Road, Suite E, Katy, TX 77449.




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