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Making Your Sign Stand Out With Light

The entire purpose of a sign is to provide the reader with information that is easy to read and understand. Before any of that can happen, the sign must first attract attention. There are a number of ways you can make your sign stand out with lights. It’s all about realizing the potential and seizing your opportunities in the most effective way possible.

Greater Visibility

If you are struggling to capture the reader’s attention, it could be because your sign is not properly illuminated. Businesses that are off the road and competing in a crowded market can use a lighted sign to their business stand out. This type of lighting should illuminate the lettering and any graphics while ensuring the sign is readable from a distance. You can also use lights to direct visitors to your property entrance, which is important for businesses that rely on customers coming in off the road.

Reading Guide

The lighting on a sign should guide the eye of the reader in order to optimize its marketing oomph. Lights can either help direct the reader to important information or merely provide a night light for reading in the dark. Businesses, such as restaurants and bars, may also benefit from a sign that allows for controlled lighting to highlight promotions or menu specials. There are so many creative ways a sign can come to life with just the right lighting.

Lighted Branding

If you really want to establish your brand, there is nothing more vibrant than a light-emblazoned logo. The potential for word-of-mouth advertising alone is invaluable. When people are recommending or directing others to your business, it helps if they have a unique identifying feature such as a sign with a well-lit logo. For more ways to improve your sign with lights, reach out to Lone Star Signs today.




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