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How Often is StorefrontSign Maintenance Needed?

Sign Maintenance for Exterior Signs

The answer to the question about how often storefront sign maintenance is needed depends, to a large degree, on the physical makeup of the sign. One thing’s for sure: To attract business, you will want to keep your storefront signs in brand-new condition as long as possible. Your storefront sign is often your company’s first impression for new customers and a pleasant reminder of your brand to your established, valued customers and clients. You want it to shine!

Speaking of signs that shine, sign maintenance for neon and other electric signs may require special sign maintenance that is more technical support than mere maintenance. Whereas, vinyl, monument, stone face, metal and even sandblasted and routed signs might just need a blast from the garden hose, scrubbed with a soapy sponge, and then rinsed. Neon and illuminated signage need more tender loving care.

Sign Maintenance for Interior Signs

Interior signs other than neon or illuminated, such as vinyl, banners, decals, and labels can be wiped down with a wet sponge to keep them free from dust and air pollutants, to ensure that shiny new appearance and bolster your company’s positive image.

Call in the professionals periodically, to perform sign maintenance on your neon and other illuminated signs or schedule a maintenance program.

LetLone Star Schedule Your Business Sign Maintenance

For a comparatively low price, we can schedule a maintenance program that will keep your exterior signs in excellent condition. This will extend their usefulness and put off replacement for years. Plus, your signs will look attractive, clean and shiny, which is an ideal reflection of your brand and business.

Send an email, call 281-781-6052 or use the website contact form to schedule maintenance or to design, fabricate and install a new sign. Or, drop our Katy store at 19144 West Little York Road, Suite E.




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