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Has the Billboard Sign Lost Its Effectiveness?

Billboards are ever-present and pervasive. We see them on the highway and from rooftops of city buildings. They permeate our daily life. Even though there are hundreds of other forms of advertisement, a billboard sign is hard to miss and impossible to avoid. Those that present a quick, witty message are difficult to forget.

Internet and TV have changed advertisements. With these new forms of advertisement, many businesses and marketing departments have started to think the billboard sign has lost its effectiveness. However, the truth is that these types of ads and pay per click (PPC) advertising are costly, and the ROI is not as high as it might seem. One of the biggest reasons internet and television advertising is not that effective are they are easy to overlook. Besides just the possibility of scrolling past or fast-forwarding through commercials, adblockers make it easy to ignore ads online and on TV.

A billboard sign is inexpensive and nearly impossible to miss. A billboard sign is in your face as you drive or ride, and hard to disregard. It reaches hundreds, if not thousands of people every single day. It is simple and cost effective. Unlike internet ads, which you can never be sure if anyone sees, a billboard sign is visible to commuters and travelers every single day, coming and going.

A Billboard Sign is Local

Television and internet ads are designed to reach a national or even worldwide audience. You pay the price for that audience share whether your local business would benefit or not. Your ad ends up reaching people thousands of miles away, making it ineffective to that audience. But, a billboard sign is local. It is seen by people in your business area nearly daily. The people who see these ads likely drive by your business every day.

As a business owner you should advertise on a billboard sign because it is effective, it’s local, and it’s inexpensive. Billboards are impossible to ignore. Call Lone Star today, and we will create a billboard sign for your business.

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