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Do Vehicle Signs Really Generate Business?

Vehicle Signs Do Generate Business

When you think about it, you know the answer is yes. Vehicle signs displayed on delivery trucks, contractor vehicles, and catering vans attract attention and answer the question about whose working in your neighborhood. However, using a vehicle sign that is faded, damaged, or too complicated to read quickly might have just the opposite effect.

Let’s say you have been considering getting a new roof or siding but was worried about hiring a contractor that you didn’t know. When your neighbor’s new roof goes on, and you see they did an excellent job, you won’t need to ask the neighbor who did it. Or, you went to a catered party and the food was fresh and delicious, but you left without asking your host who the caterer was. You won’t have to dash back inside to ask; you can just look at the vehicle signs and jot down the number.

Temporary Vehicle Signs for Dual-Use Cars, Trucks, Vans

Many successful, as well as struggling businesses, use some of their vehicles for personal and business. A start-up business might need to rent a truck or van until they can afford a new or leased vehicle and will often use temporary vehicle signs to advertise and build a customer base.

Temporary vehicle signs are your moving billboard at a fraction of the cost. Consistency could be the key to promote your brand everywhere you advertise. So, keep it simple. Drivers only have a second or two to read the sign on your vehicle.

Use Lone Star Vehicle Signs to Drum Up Business from People on the Go!

Don’t forget to add your website’s URL to your sign, it is an effective way to get travelers to pop into your website.A well-designed vehicle sign can lead to more calls, more website visits, and thus, more business.

Your vehicle sign can be an advertising investment that goes with you all over town. Make sure it says what you need it to convey in a hurry because people will not take the time to read a long-winded message. Send an email,, call 281-781-6052, or use the website contact form .Or, drop our shop in Katy at 19144 West Little York Road Suite E.




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