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Creating a Productive Atmosphere With Signs

Signs, banners and display boards can create a productive atmosphere in the workplace. Signs that motivate, banners for inspiration and display boards that provide direction remind supervisors and workers of your business mission, goals and priorities.

Signs & Banners for a Productive Atmosphere

Banners that announce statistical data and employee accomplishments inspire and motivate workers to dig deeper and try harder. Seeing a banner with their name on it as employee of the week, month or year can be inspirational for the awardee and motivational for other workers who wish to see their name up for all to see. Just as Vince Lombardi stated, “Praise in public, criticize in private.”

Signs that announce team or crew accomplishment and safety-milestones-achieved can assist in lowering accident rates and ensuring OSHA compliance. Warning signs, adhesive labels and stickers that remind workers of hard-hat areas, to wear eye protection, gloves, hairnets, etc., reduce worker injuries and help maintain a constructive crew and a productive atmosphere.

Signs to Communicate Business Goals and Priorities

Signs in the workplace that show the company mission, goals and priorities let everyone know what they are working toward and provide a sense of purpose. They raise awareness of priorities – each supervisor and worker understands the procedures and practices that can make them successful. The company prospers because knowledge of priorities and goals builds a productive atmosphere of cooperation, when all strive toward a common goal and meet deadlines.

Display Boards to Provide Direction

Display boards can convey the direction of the business. Workers and staff have a clear vision of objectives and intentions, which will heighten their involvement and participation in a productive atmosphere. Display boards and signs can also provide literal directions for visitors, distributors and delivery personnel.

Policy letters and flowcharts displayed for employees provide direction and instruction about how to report harassment, injuries, safety, workplace bullying and other concerns, giving the worker a feeling that management cares about their well-being. These signs can clearly communicate an awareness of company priorities.

Lone Star Signs, Boards & Banners Help Create a Productive Atmosphere

Give us the details, drawings or sketches to create your signs, boards and banners. We want to help you achieve a productive atmosphere in your workplace. Send an email to or call us, Lone Star Signs, 281-781-6052, and we will start on your project right away. Or, use our contact form it’s easy and convenient.




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