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If the sign you use to tell customers or clients you provide excellence in products and services isn’t doing its job, your business could be heading for trouble. The image potential customers form about a business often begins with a sign. When that sign is unwelcoming or in disrepair, it doesn’t make for a great … Continue reading “4 Signs That You Might Need a New Sign”

Signs, banners and display boards can create a productive atmosphere in the workplace. Signs that motivate, banners for inspiration and display boards that provide direction remind supervisors and workers of your business mission, goals and priorities. Signs & Banners for a Productive Atmosphere Banners that announce statistical data and employee accomplishments inspire and motivate workers … Continue reading “Creating a Productive Atmosphere With Signs”

Signs & Banners to Increase Workflow Signs and banners can increase workflow, even in an efficient organization. Have you considered adding signs and banners to assist everyone in remembering safety, provide directions for deliveries, ensure projects are prioritized and get the attention needed for better workflow? Even the most efficient shop or office can improve … Continue reading “How Signs Can Encourage Workflow”

Billboards are ever-present and pervasive. We see them on the highway and from rooftops of city buildings. They permeate our daily life. Even though there are hundreds of other forms of advertisement, a billboard sign is hard to miss and impossible to avoid. Those that present a quick, witty message are difficult to forget. Internet … Continue reading “Has the Billboard Sign Lost Its Effectiveness?”

The entire purpose of a sign is to provide the reader with information that is easy to read and understand. Before any of that can happen, the sign must first attract attention. There are a number of ways you can make your sign stand out with lights. It’s all about realizing the potential and seizing … Continue reading “Making Your Sign Stand Out With Light”

Sign Maintenance for Exterior Signs The answer to the question about how often storefront sign maintenance is needed depends, to a large degree, on the physical makeup of the sign. One thing’s for sure: To attract business, you will want to keep your storefront signs in brand-new condition as long as possible. Your storefront sign … Continue reading “How Often is StorefrontSign Maintenance Needed?”

When you consider designing or buying a sign for your business, what it says is not the only consideration. Three crucial elements will make your business sign memorable: size, lights and color, and readability. #1 – Size Does Matter When Buying a Sign Not only the size of the sign but the size of the … Continue reading “3 Things to Consider When Buying a Sign for Your Business”

Vehicle Signs Do Generate Business When you think about it, you know the answer is yes. Vehicle signs displayed on delivery trucks, contractor vehicles, and catering vans attract attention and answer the question about whose working in your neighborhood. However, using a vehicle sign that is faded, damaged, or too complicated to read quickly might … Continue reading “Do Vehicle Signs Really Generate Business?”

First Impressions Count As Will Rogers was fond of saying, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” That goes for your business sign as well. What type of sign you display in front of your business or along major highways should make a great first impression on those who view … Continue reading “Picking the Right Type of Sign for Your Business”




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