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4 Signs That You Might Need a New Sign

If the sign you use to tell customers or clients you provide excellence in products and services isn’t doing its job, your business could be heading for trouble. The image potential customers form about a business often begins with a sign. When that sign is unwelcoming or in disrepair, it doesn’t make for a great first impression.

It doesn’t matter how well you run a business if your sign is telling customers to enter at their own risk. Luckily for you, Lone Star Signs has four tips that will help you recognize when it is time to consider a new sign.

Wear & Tear

A sign that has borne the brunt of weather, roadside pollution and damage from debris is not a good look for a business unless you happen to run a ghost town. These old and tattered signs indicate a business is run-down or provides low quality products and services.

When a sign has suffered significant damage, it makes every bit as much sense to replace it as it does to do building or machinery repairs. A new sign stands out and will make new customers take notice.

Out of Date

A well constructed sign may last decades; however, that doesn’t mean it will remain fit for its purpose. If you look around at other businesses and the other signs make yours look like an antique, customers are likely to pass your business by for more contemporary offerings.

Bring your business into the 21st century and beyond with a modern electrical sign from the experts at Lone Star Signs in Texas. You may even need to hire extra staff for the wave of customers that come flocking to your business.

Dull & Lifeless

A plain sign is hard to see from a distance and isn’t exactly inviting, even when up close. If your sign is dull and lifeless, it will speak volumes about what your business has to offer. You could have a team of circus performers waiting to greet every customer but, if they never reach the front door none of that will matter.

Think about the type of sign. What would entice you to choose an unfamiliar business. Is it inviting? Does it tell customers what the business is all about? Can you see and read the sign clearly from the road?

Poor Signage

Poor signage can mean a number of things, depending on the needs of your business. If the sign is poorly constructed, confusing, hard to see, etc., it is sending the wrong message to visitors. It may help to have customers provide objective feedback on your sign to get an idea of general sentiment.

If, after you have carefully inspection, it becomes clear it’s time for a change, reach out to Lone Star Signs for all your electrical sign needs.




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