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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Sign for Your Business

When you consider designing or buying a sign for your business, what it says is not the only consideration. Three crucial elements will make your business sign memorable: size, lights and color, and readability.

#1 – Size Does Matter When Buying a Sign

Not only the size of the sign but the size of the lettering on the sign. The sign on your business should be smaller and not detract from your storefront,whereas a sign designed for 100 feet off the highway should have letters at least 10 inches in height. Keep the message short and simple as drivers and passengers will only have two to three seconds to read it.

#2 – Irresistible Iridescence & Compelling Colors

When buying a sign, consider colors and lighting to attract attention to your sign. However, use contrasting colors for background and letters. A light background should have dark letters and vice versa. The colors you choose should correspond to your brand. Look at company examples, like the red of Coca-Cola and the golden arches of McDonald’s. Colors can be used to communicate a message about the identity of your brand, logo, or trademark.

#3 – Readability

Size, color, and lighting can indeed either assist or hinder readability as already stated; however, there are other considerations. Black lettering on a white background or white on a blue background are easy to read due to the contrast but might be confused with traffic information signs. Be careful when pairing comparable colors and using frivolous fonts, which can decrease your sign’s readability.

The Bottom Line When Buying a Sign

Remember the three essential elements of designing or buying a sign for your business: readability, colors and lights, and size. Contrasting colors for background and foreground graphics and text should incorporate your brand’s color. Borders can attract attention to your sign and make it more readable.

Then, Consider Lone Star Signs

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